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Take uGovernIT with you

Our Story

After years of development and validation by hundreds of IT professionals, IT leaders and numerous mid-market enterprises and public agencies, we are rapidly emerging as the platform of choice for managing technology related activities. Developed specifically for the mid-market and public agencies, uGovernIT is the ideal platform for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to launch their products or services. 

Our Vision

Make your technology investment and data work for you, not the other way around.


We have developed a forward looking, affordable, nimble integrated platform targeted to help Mid-Market companies and Public Agencies manage and clearly understand their present technology activities and how they relate in real time to their associated budgets.


In alignment with this vision, we help carefully selected MSP's serve the Mid Market, offering them a complete solution that is ultra-efficient and allows them to realize significant margins, all while enjoying more robust operating efficiencies.


uGovernIT provides a 360 Degree View driving Business-IT Collaboration with total transparency into IT Spend and IT Status.  Service automation, portfolio management and resource demand management helps prioritize technology activities based on business needs. 


uGovernIT is sold through MSPs & Strategic Partners

We earn your trust by ensuring that your data, your intellectual property, your customers’ data and customers’ intellectual property is always safe and secure.  uGovernIT’s technology will help drive value to your customers.  uGovernIT’s smart resource management technology will help drive and improve your bottom line. uGovernIT provides the platform for value added services which will significantly increase your value to your customers.  uGovernIT’s configurable templates and analytics helps innovative approaches to solving your customers’ problems.

Develop avatars using our platform to deliver specific niche solutions taking advantage of our configurable templates.  Established companies like Avasant, Axxera, Round World Solutions and ZenMed have developed industry leading solutions using our uGovernIT platform.

Or Leverage your trust with your customers to sell uGovernIT and related services. Established MSPs like Conduent have found the benefits of using uGovernIT for their customers.  Our team will help you configure and sell the product at no cost to you. 

Whether you choose to be a Niche Player, Strategic Partner or provide Managed Services, our experts will empower your team to help you gain a new revenue stream.   Contact our Chief Growth Officer Lee Peterson at, and he will help identify the best way for us to work together.


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